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Wednesday, July 17, 2002
Mickey Lives!

“Temmuz (July Revolution) returns to say to all evil tyrants and oppressors of the world: You will never defeat me this time. Never!"

So says Saddam. Guess its time to pack up and go home, since we can never defeat him (this time). We'll have to wait for the next time.

You've got to wonder why the man continues to come up with this blustery nonsense. We don't believe him. The EUniks don't believe him. His putative Russian allies don't believe him. The Arabs don't believe him. Not that it matters to him, but his own "constituents" don't believe him.

Who does he think he's playing to? The Guardian? To paraphrase someone or other, "How many divisions can the Guardian put in the field?" Yes, that statement was famously wrong in that it failed to take into account the effect on public opinon of whoever it was aimed at. And yes, the Guardian can have an effect on public opinion. Outside the US. But since it looks like we are going to give Saddam the boot (because it is in our interest to do so) regardless of public opinion outside the US, the effect of the Guardian on public opinion is irrelevant.

Witihin the US, it appears that we are remarkably united on the necessity of ridding the world of Saddam. 70% in favor is the most recent result, as I recall. Excuse me while I fact check my own ass.

OK, I'm back. I was wrong. It's 73%. There aren't many occasions where 73% of Americans agree on anything, much less a major foreign policy initiative.

We're coming, Saddam. With or without anyone else, we are coming. We are coming for you, this time. There will be no deals. There will be no games with weapons inspectors. We won't stop because Kofi Annan has a conniption at the UN. We won't stop because massive casualties in the Republican Guard will look bad on TV. We won't stop when (not if) you start dropping Scuds on Israel. We will stop only when we get to Baghdad or in the extremely unlikely event that you can stop us before that.

You want bluster? OK. We won't stop even if there are riots in the streets in every capital of Europe and the Middle East.

M-I-C See you real soon. K-E-Y Why? Because you threaten us. M-O-U-S-E

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