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Tuesday, August 06, 2002
Instapundit asks Is Iran burning? Maybe, maybe not.

From Glenn Frazier:

According to several trusted email correspondents, Michael Ledeen, and a website run by a pro-democracy Iranian student organization, yesterday saw demonstrations across Iran that erupted into violence.

According to Reuters, UPI, AP, CNN, BBC, and everyone else in the whole universe...nothing. One of the biggest stories out of Iran, according to them, is that a male bellydancer has decided to continue living there despite being barred from teaching dance. What's going on?

The answer to that question could range from "nothing", to "widespread rioting and anti-government violence, news of which is being suppressed by the theocrats." The nice thing about modern communications is that suppression of news can only work on a short term basis. And the term has been getting shorter and shorter.

Spin, on the other hand, can last forever.
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