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Tuesday, August 20, 2002
This is interesting. It seems that someone has invaded Iraq.

Two people were injured when four or five members of a previously unknown Iraqi opposition group occupied the Iraqi Embassy in Berlin and took hostages, German police said Tuesday. The Iraqi ambassador was believed to be among the hostages, a police spokesman said.

“IRAQI OPPOSITION members tried to force their way into the embassy and then there were shots from the embassy,” a police spokesman said.

A statement in the name of the group, which called itself the Democratic Iraqi Opposition of Germany, announced that “we are taking over the Iraqi Embassy in Berlin and thereby take the first step toward the liberation of our beloved fatherland.”

“Our action is peaceful and limited in time,” said the statement received by The Associated Press.

There are a number of confusing contradictions in that story.

Opposition members tried to force their way in? That they failed is implied, since a successful attempt would be reported as "Opposition members forced their way in..." And, of course, if they failed, the first sentence is simply wrong in its assertion that the embassy was in fact occupied. Further, if they failed to force their way in to the embassy, how did they take hostages?

The action is described by MSNBC as including hostage taking, but described by the perpetrators as peaceful.

And I cannot resist reporting my vision of President Bush saying to his father, "Honest, Dad, it wasn't me! I swear."

UPDATE: And it is also impossible to resist reporting that I beat the ever alert Professor by a total of 13 minutes.
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