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Sunday, August 18, 2002
Via Clueless:

The Albuquerque Tribune reports that the

"president of a counterterrorism consulting firm has been arrested after federal agents raided his Roswell compound and took missiles, court records show...

According to the complaint, the company also is involved in tactical entries of aircraft, entries involving explosives.

Federal agents discovered small missiles in 49 explosives crates, court records show. There were 48 missiles in each crate inspected, according to the complaint...

The warheads ... cost $23,040, according to the complaint.

For my wife the math teacher:

49 crates, containing 48 warheads each, and each warhead costs $23,040.

48 x 49 x $23,040 = $54,190,080

$54.2 million. And that doesn't count the two tons (yes, tons) of explosives ATF also found. The type of explosive found is not identified in the story. To be fair, the report is not crystal clear as to whether the cost is $23K per warhead or $23K per crate. It certainly appears to be $23K per warhead, but that seems high to me for some reason. Even at $23,040 per crate, you're still talking about more than $1million, again, not counting the explosives.

Who got paid? Where did the money come from. Why did the manufacturer (or whoever sold him this stuff) deliver it to him if he didn't have the appropriate permits? And did that same manufacturer (or whoever) sell anything to anyone else without the proper permits?

This investigation had better not stop with this guy and his company.
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