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Tuesday, August 13, 2002
Where in the world has Osama bin Hidin?

The Osama is dead crowd is apparently gaining converts. On the other hand, someone recently pointed out that radical islamic organizations love to publicize and worship their dead "martyrs" and that a dead Osama would be too good a PR bonanza (for consumption outside the US, of course) for al Qaeda to pass up. And, of course, no body has been found.

My none too certain conclusion (guess, really) is that Osama has been forcibly converted to yak food in or near some cave in Afghanistan. The longer we don't hear from him the more certain I am of that conclusion.

That leaves the question of why we have not been treated to a rendition of "Osama and his Virgins" from the al Qaeda PR machine. Perhaps they aren't sure either, and fear that Osama, if alive, will not have the same reaction as Mark Twain to the greatly exaggerated claims of his death.
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