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Thursday, September 12, 2002
In the Washington Times:

In Ohio, a state office building was evacuated after a man told an employee he was there to install a bomb...

In Columbus, Ohio, a 41-story state office tower that houses the Ohio Supreme Court was evacuated for about two hours yesterday after dogs detected a scent of explosives and a man told a state worker, "I'm here to install a bomb," the State Highway Patrol said.

No explosives were found, and Oscar Sesmas, 35, of Columbus was taken into custody and charged with inducing panic.

More from the Columbus Dispatch (registration required):

He looked straight at me and said: 'Yes. I'm looking for a place to hide a bomb.' ''

"I just froze. I must have turned white because he looked back at me and then, in very broken English, said he was there to put up some vinyl blinds. But I couldn't answer.''

"Vinyl blinds"/"Hide a bomb". Broken English (meaning heavily accented).

Unless the man was carrying an al Qaeda business card, I'm not at all convinced that he said "hide a bomb".

Assuming that he did say it, I will grant you that it was a dumb (not to mention insensitive) thing to say, especially on September 11. But announcing that you are there to hide a bomb constituting "causing panic" and resulting in an evacuation of a 40 plus story building?

Someone needs to get a grip.
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