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Monday, September 30, 2002
More names being floated (on CNN) as replacements for Torricelli in the NJ Senate race (without Torricelli having stepped down yet, as far as I know):

Frank Pallone (Congressman from NJ's 6th district) and Bob Menendez (Congressman from the 13th district)

I guess Bradley and Lautenberg turned them down.

Since each of these potential candidates is already in the House of Representatives, they are each running for reelection and are each likely to achieve that. But if one or the other steps into the Senate race, isn't the Democratic party admitting that they've given up on getting control of the House by risking an otherwise safe seat on a high risk gamble to retain a razor thin margin in the Senate? There can be no real answer to that question without knowing who will replace Torricelli's replacement, but it seems to me that the Democrats would simply be compounding their problems by changing an almost certain winner out of a House race and into a probable loser in the Senate race.
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