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Wednesday, September 25, 2002
This Molly Ivins prediction from Insta-Reader Donald Burton:

Now that we're sending troops into the Ivory Coast on a rescue mission, is Molly Ivins going to write a column claiming it's really about the cocoa?

Well, you'll notice that Bush's decision to invade the Ivory Coast (using the pretext of "stranded" and "endangered" "children") was only a few days after the board of directors at Hershey were prevented from making their billions in the stock market.

Bush cannot point to a single American "child" who was "harmed". We only have scattered news reports (and the Bush administration's "allegations") on which to rely for the fact that there were any "children" "stranded" at a "school" in need of "rescue". Bush hasn't produced one iota of evidence that anyone in the Ivory Coast is "linked" to al Qaeda or bin Laden, whom the administration "suspects" in the "attacks" on the "World Trade Center" and the "Pentagon".

Hmmm. Hershey, Ivory Coast, cocoa, no terrorist link ... Coincidence? I think not.

UPDATE: Homer Simpson comments: "Mmmmm, cocoa."
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