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Wednesday, October 02, 2002
Memo from Department of Strategery

Spelling is a very important aspect of blogging. It is important to distinguish yourself from the run of the mill blog by strategic use of spelling designed to take advantage of the properties of search engines. For example, by spelling liposuction with a "y", instead of an "i", CognoCentric will not only be high in the Google rankings for searches such as "lyposuction clinics in Chicago" (without the quotes), it will be the only result shown for that search. Use of the correct spelling of liposuction would result in CognoCentric being reported on approximately the 15th page of results for the same search.

The benefits of spelling strategery should be obvious.

It is important, however, to employ this strategery only in instances where we can reasonably claim to have made a typographical error or to have dictated the post over the phone to a new and very stupid assistant, who would then post an unproofread version of our dictated pearls of wisdom.

The Department of Strategery thanks you for your time. Our desire to assist you in your future endeavors remains firm.
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