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Sunday, January 05, 2003
Adventures in Transportation Security

Thousands of post-holiday travelers were delayed Sunday at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport after a screener for the Transportation Security Administration was discovered asleep at his post.


The screener -- discovered napping at about 6 a.m. -- apparently was asleep for between eight and 30 minutes, Parker said.


As for the employee who fell asleep, Blunk said there will be an investigation before any decision is made on repercussions.

Question: Just what is it that is going to be investigated? Whether the guy fell asleep? You think they might have investigated that before they shut down the airport. In fact, the very fact that they shut down the airport is pretty good evidence that the people in charge of SeaTac security were convinced he fell asleep. Now what else might there by to investigate? Why, when or for how long the guy fell asleep? Who cares?

If the TSA or the FAA or whoever believed that there was enough there to shut down the damn airport, then they certainly believe that there is enough there to fire this guy on the spot. So why didn't they?

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