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Sunday, January 12, 2003
A hilarious story from Sgt Mom about childrearing in the mid to early boomer years. My own mother was also a tad unconventional, having run away from home at 16 to join the Marines during WWII. Yeah, she was a top sergeant, and I suppose she really did wear combat boots, even though she was a cook. No, I didn't call her "Top". (But she outranked my high school's vice principal, which came in handy, once, when he tried to use his Marine Corps experience to bluster his way through an argument about discipline.) She once told the mother of a fifteen year old girl in the neighborhood (the eldest child of that family, and a girl with respect to whom I had visions of a romantic and/or sexual nature at the time), that parents should make all of their child rearing mistakes on their oldest child and then throw them out. That comment did not assist me in my attempted conquest, since I immediately became persona non grata in the household of my intended.

Via Instantman, of course.
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