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Friday, February 27, 2004
Daniel Henninger writes on Opinion Journal about the proliferation of technology and migration changing Tip O'Neill's maxim that all politics is local. Henninger discusses the matter in the context of the recent announcement by South Korean scientists that they have cloned a human embryo and notes that just saying "stop" won't halt such research. It will just move it offshore.

Good point. But doesn't "stop" pretty much characterize our war on drugs, too? Granted, there are more sticks and carrots employed in the drug war than there are in the effort to prevent the spread of various technologies such as cloning, but given time, the same techniques will eventually be used if we continue to want to prohibit the use of cloning techniques around the world.

Henninger's conclusion is that banning the use of cloning technology ranks up there with King Canute commanding the tides to recede: It ain't gonna work. I agree. And the war on drugs is not going to work, either.
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