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Sunday, February 15, 2004

I remember reading a short book in either elementary school or junior high (I'm old enough to have pre-dated the "Middle School" craze that swept the American Educational Establishment) in which an Italian priest travelled to Moscow at the height of the cold war with a tour group and poked fun at the Soviet Union by lavishing praise on on humdrum things like plumbing as sterling examples of Soviet superiority.

In that vein, CognoCentric proudly announces the advent of Comments! None of that old fashioned whining, "Send me an email! Please!" No, no, no! Both CognoCentric readers (consisting of The Daughter and one other person who prefers to remain nameless, but whose initials are probably Carey Gage) can now fill the echo chamber with high praise about the low thoughts expressed on this site.

Comments will be unregulated, but I hope to have the problem of deleting obscene or abusive remarks.

The opinions expressed in the comments do not necessarily reflect the views of CognoCentric (duh!).
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