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Thursday, August 12, 2004

James McGreevey (D, NJ) resigned as governor today because he is a "Gay American" and had a homosexual affair while he was married. He is timing his resignation so as to avoid a special election in November.

I could care less about what McGreevey does in bed with other consenting adults. He says that his resignation is necessary because he had a sexual liason with someone other than his wife during his marriage. But his wife seems to be cool with it. (I wouldn't be. If I were her, I'd probably be calling Tony Soprano right now to have him whacked. But she was at the press conference, presumably to support him.)

That said, the avalanche of jokes will start soon. We definitely need a new slogan for those "Come to New Jersey" ads.

"New Jersey: Any way you like it, baby!"

"New Jersey: We bend over backwards for you!"

How about a contest? Email your slogan to me. Winner will receive a prize of absolutely no monetary value.


From The Daughter:

"New Jersey: Out of the closet since 2004!"

"New Jersey: San Francisco ain't got nothin on us!"
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