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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry has conceded. There will be no post election litigation. That means I won't have to boycott the Democratic Party for 8 years.

I'm pleased I still have the option of voting Democratic, but I am really glad Bush won. I think it was desperately important to our future. Melodramatic? Sure. That doesn't make it untrue. Despite his repeated statements to the contrary, Kerry's record screamed "retreat" in the war against the would be theocratic fascists who want the power to tell me when and how I have to dress, act and think, who want to decide whether when, and with whom my wife can leave our house, who, in short, want to rule the world. Say what you want about Bush, he's not going to back off in the war. The next four years are not going to go smoothly, but at least our adversaries cannot take heart from faltering American resolve. That would have been the message sent by a Kerry victory.

And a post election contest, however futile in the face of a 135,000 vote margin of victory in Ohio (100 times the margin in Florida 2000), would have told the Islamofascists to push just a little harder to widen the gulf just a little bit more between red and blue Americans. For his refusal to heed the siren call of the looney left, Senator Kerry deserves our thanks.

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